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Feb 27, 2014 1:00pm EST
, the future of business is here at the young presidents organization. president bill clinton about to address the crowd, moments ago. last night i got a special chance to speak with magic johnson about his incredible road to business success. i started with a question about about honor from cnbc. he was surprised. >> you know, magic, i don't know whether you knew this but cnbc is putting together the 25 most influential business people of the past 25 years for our 25th anniversa anniversary. a list of 200. you were on it. >> oh, wow. >> we just cut to the final 100. you were on it. >> man. >> david stern got cut. what do you think? >> wow. >> is that a good call? >> well -- i love what david did for the nba. no question. he actually turned the whole league around, and i wouldn't say that it was a good cut. i love david. i wouldn't have had the platform that i did without him. i think he understood larry and i had just came in to the league to shine light on the celtics and lakers, when larry came in, took us to another level. when i was on my rookie -- my rookie season, when i was in the fina
Mar 5, 2014 1:00pm EST
dollars a speech. bill clinton makes three quarters of a million. i did a story about three or four years ago where i know donald trump was charging $1 million per speech to go to the real estate seminars people were putting on. i don't have a problem with it. he's out of office now. >> anybody -- you ever actually go hear these speeches? i have. >> they're boring. >> you would have to pay me to go. the only upside to it is that the more money he can make in a foreign country to bring back here, the better. good for him. >> i got no problem with it, either. topic two. united airlines cracking down on its carry-on policy. they are really going to enforce it apparently to the letter. not only the bag size limit, carry-on luggage no larger than nine inches by 14 by 12. that policy has been in effect for years but now if you are caught at the gate with oversized carry-ons, you will be taxed $25 a checked luggage fee. you may be sent back through security to check your bag at the check-in counter. this is going to cause lots of disruption, i think. >> you know, i fly a lot. people are obnoxiou
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2